Learning How To Felt

Monday 24th September, spent an enjoyable and inspirational day learning how to felt in Gorran Haven with Lou Tonkin (www.loutonkin.co.uk). Lou is moving to Malaysia for a year at the begining of October with her family but she had very kindly given up some of her valuable time to show Dannette and I different ways off  felting.

Our first task was wet felting, first we made different coloured balls,then a 6″ x 4″ rectangular shape, which eventually ended up as a small bag. One of the balls that we made earlier was used to make a fastening along with a strip that was cut of off the rectangle and rolled to make a loop.

Finally we were shown how to do needle felting. After being shown some of the projects Lou had made (beautiful garden birds and various pictures) we were given a small piece of felt and some dyed wool to make our own picture. I don’t think I will ever aspire to Lous standards but I was pleased with my little house with a roof, windows, a door, some grass and a red bush in the front garden.